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Print vs Social Media

How to effectively market your business.


Is Social Media the “solution”?


Several years ago, Facebook was practically your only option in the social media arena. To reach a business connection, you might have connected on Linkedin. The landscape has changed! One segment of the audience follows Twitter, another Pinterest, and on and on. We’re showing twelve social media icons here, but in reality, there are hundreds and don’t kid yourself – in a few more months, there may be thousands. Who are you really reaching with social media? Well, only those who choose to view your posts; therefore, you’ll only be reaching people who are already engaged. It never hurts to give them reasons to patronize you again. But shouldn’t you use a method to reach new customers too? To make a social media effort, it is usually necessary to hire a dedicated person (we haven’t found anyone willing to work for nothing, have you?) You may need an entire media team to post to all of the social media sites. These posts are needed daily, sometimes several times a day. Remember, what would be sent as your post for Facebook is totally different than a tweet or a blog post or an Instagram photo, etc., sigh… Here is an interesting stat: Facebook reports that posts are seen by an average of 20% of followers. That means you would need to exceed 365,000 followers to reach the number of people Tidbits of Linn and Johnson counties reaches in print each issue – over 73,000 average number of readers read each issue. And we do that once a week, every week! So, how many followers do YOU have? Many local business owners have found it saves them a lot of time and money by choosing to market their business with an already proven and effective advertising tool. The easiest way to develop a successful business is to follow the decision making of successful businesses. Hawkeye Publishing L.L.C. publisher of Tidbits of Linn and Johnson Counties has a file cabinet drawer full of testimonials from long-standing local business owners and readers. Don’t take our word for it; read their comments. Effectively market YOUR business with an ad campaign in The Tidbits.