Of Linn & Johnson County, Iowa

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Tidbits® of Linn & Johnson County. - Demographics


The Tidbits paper is distributed around both Linn & Johnson Counties to many area businesses and institutions. See a list of many of these businesses on our site listed under distribution locations.


We try to include material that can interest individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Our topics are such that people of all education levels can appreciate reading and enjoy the added features such as hocus focus and other fun things to do.


Research provided by Circulation Verification Council shows "pass along"


readership to be 4.3 readers per copy. Therefore, our estimated circulation is over 60,000 readers.

We do our best to get every paper read at least once. Therefore we will remove all old issues from our distribution locations and leave them at a secondary location such as Senior Care Facilities, hospitals and the IA City Veterans Affairs Medical Center.


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