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Tidbits vs Newspapers

Newspapers are just what they say they are. I’m a strong advocate of following the daily news and used to be a daily reader. Years ago I used to get the morning newspaper and the evening newspaper was always updated so it was a valuable tool to read in the same day. However in today era of 24/7 news channels on television, news web sites and direct feeds into our tablets and smart phones, the newspaper is outdated sooner then the date on the cover.

Another problem that newspapers have are multiple sections. Most people only read certain sections so if your ad campaign is not in the right section the reader may never see your marketing ad. So the total number of readers reading each newspaper needs to be very high to reach enough people for you to gain benefit over what you spend on the marketing. Often time you will not find a newspaper where you will find the Tidbits. Businesses that allow the Tidbits are not interested in multiple sections thrown around their waiting room or break-room. Tidbits is normally folded back and set in place where the reader found it if they do not take it with them.

We all of heard that newspapers are a disappearing like the dinosaurs, I don’t quite buy that all together. But they are having many troubles of their own to overcome. In our local market the newspaper tends to cover the local DMA (Designated Market Areas) which has several counties included. So over half of the local newspapers circulation is outside of any one county, Tidbits markets in a specific county. Yes we have done limited circulation to neighboring counties by demand, but our focus is saturation of the primary market. Check the audit numbers, while each of the local newspapers have been losing circulation since the start of Tidbits in our area, the Tidbits circulation has growen each year and continues to increase.

Another problem newspapers are facing due to their lack of readers is a decrease in ad revenue that allows the publication to continue. With this revenue shortfall they have been forced to dismiss local reporters and focus more on national news stories that they can purchase on contract for much less then the payroll demands are. Besides the fact that they never were able to fully cover their entire DMA so many of the towns seldom if ever had local interest content. Tidbits on the other hand is well written and can be enjoyed all around the country and even years after the paper is printed. Tidbits Media Inc. provides our content to publishers all across the country and Canada. Our content cost is much less then what newspapers have to pay for their content. This is one of the main reasons why our local Tidbits works so well. Tidbit clients just pay a fraction of the cost of the what the local newspaper charges and our readership level is higher in our target market area.

Shoppers are another option for business owners to market with. Tidbits provides a high quality full color publication which attracts readers of all demographics. Our Circulation Verification Audit shows a well rounded readership which you can view the full report on this site. Many readers of local shoppers are mainly looking for discount coupons for specific businesses. Once they find and clip the coupon they may just discard the remaining paper. Tidbits clients can also have great offers, but we have readers that enjoy our editorial, puzzles, comics, trivia, special interest content. So while some may be looking for discounts and bargains, most of our readers are willing to spend full price for the services our clients offer. The main objective is to let consumers know who you are, where you are and what you sell.

A local business owner always wanted to have a book store. So after selling a restaurant he had for many years he finally had the time to open the doors to a very nice book store. This was not the ordinary book store selling everything possible or discounted used books. But what he encountered was the name that was included in his logo of his business did not seem to relay what his store entailed. The business was called Mystery Cat Books. Now to most of us who would read this far down a page would probably know that the store sold mystery books. But once they started running some large going out of business ads with us, the owner found many new customers that said they drive by all the time but never knew what the store sold. His logo had a cat in it and people quickly assumed it was a cat store of some type. So don’t just assume the people that have not visited your store are not interested. They need to know more about you in order to entice them to stop in. Even Dominos has now figured out that they needed to remove the word pizza from their name and any logo use since they would like to increase the sales of all their other products. If they started out as Dominos wings they would have been on a uphill battle to sell pizzas.

Tidbits has great readership, low overhead that is passed along to our clients and we are extremely easy to work with.




Russ Swart





Russ Swart